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Understand the Indrajaal of ‘Mlechchha’

Let me first remind you of the prophecy-come-true of Bhagwan Shri Krishna about the nature of the present Yuga (age) you are living in. You are living in the dark age of Kaliyuga. It takes some time (thousands of years I mean) for any particular Yuga to show its full effects on the people of that Yuga.

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 11/02/2022

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The History of Yoga

In the mid twenties, my attention again turned to Yoga. I went to the best Yoga studios in the techno-city of India. I went to all the big names one might have heard that have chains of Yoga studios running worldwide. I went to the demo classes.

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 06/12/2021

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Blessings: The Force Behind Miracles

If it was only the prowess of the intellect, the extraordinary brain that the humans possess and the possibility to use it to any extents considering its limitless capacity; if it was only the will to work towards your goal, will to be diligent and to answer the opportunities that are the sole factors that leads to material and spiritual success, you are mistaken. There are many who work day and night, but not all live a fulfilled life. 

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 24/11/2021

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The Secrets of Karva Chauth

What most of you know is that a wife fasts on ‘Karva Chauth’ for the long life of her husband. Now a question arises: How does the life of the husband increase by fasting on a particular day? Who would increase the life of the husband? Answer is, it is the wife herself who does this. How? It is the ‘Sankalp Shakti’ (the power of determination) and her ‘Yoga Bal’ , the ‘Yoga Tapa’ that she generates within herself on this day by doing Mantra Sadhna and keeping strict ‘Sayyam’ (self-restraint) over herself.

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 23/10/2021

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Success Withers Under Heavy Baggages

Being born in a human body does not guarantee the status of a human being. It is not easy to be human in the real sense of the words ‘to be a human’. A human being stands at the top of the intelligence index and is the only one

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 13/07/2021