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Blessings: The Force Behind Miracles

If it was only the prowess of the intellect, the extraordinary brain that the humans possess and the possibility to use it to any extents considering its limitless capacity; if it was only the will to work towards your goal, will to be diligent and to answer the opportunities that are the sole factors that leads to material and spiritual success, you are mistaken. There are many who work day and night, but not all live a fulfilled life. 

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 24/11/2021

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Kaulantak Peeth on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the information sites to search for the so-called unbiased and authentic information. When the reader base of an information website is estimated at 495 million views per month, one can imagine the number of people who trust wikipedia in shaping their perspectives on truth about different people, organizations, concepts, ideas. It is the not-for-profit organization which says that it ‘helps create a world in which everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge’.

Mahayogi Bhairav Brahma Nath | 28/10/2021

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Darkness of the mind

In a person's reactionary mind, there are many such events, which constantly influence him and cause him to act irrationally and feel and think which are not really his own feelings and thoughts

Sunil Yadav | 17/07/2021

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Not in the image of West.

Why India should not be made in the image of west ?

Rohan Desai | 12/07/2021