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Regarding cosmic journey and the human soul

Today’s world inspires progression and there seems no end to it…the journey goes on and on even in the material world

Karuna Gill | 24/11/2021 |

In the depths and the heights and the widths of darkness, the human soul searches for light. There is something more …somewhere I need to reach…if I find the light, would I stop all pursuits? This question in the present would appear useless because I have not reached there, then too my mind has prompted me to consider…there is a distance waiting for me to cover it…the light calls me and I have to be capable of moving towards it. What is in that light that draws me towards it? Why must I go towards

Today’s world inspires progression and there seems no end to it…the journey goes on and on even in the material world. In the seemingly infinite dark universe filled with light and stars and all kinds of energies, there is the joy of knowing that people are working to keep the overall self-consciousness alive—the consciousness within human beings that we need to know about our belongingness and our connectedness to all that unknown in the cosmos…it is unknown only because we have not yet reached it. How then will such a journey be towards the unknown? There too, the journey towards the unknown remains a distance that one is only aware of but one cannot calculate it. Yet today’s science is working with the conditions of exploration, ambition, and the goal of finding solution to the growing problems being faced on earth.

All of this is great. It is atleast better than nothing…and the present circumstances of the planet earth is increasingly making it a necessity that we look towards the cosmos for help. The most excellent situation would have been in terms of management— that we could manage our planet well enough to use our exploration of cosmos to build such a knowledge that we would be able to take care of surrounding systems in the cosmos. But, we are either at our stage of infancy when it comes to knowledge or in total degradation— both of which need to be treated as working perspectives only, and which still point to the necessity of carrying the tradition of knowing our cosmos forward. If all this could be looked from the perspective of human souls, what would such human activity mean for the soul? From the dharmik stance, we would be in awe every minute and seconds we make a
discovery. That discovery would inspire us to remember the Divine Yogmaya whom we actually come close to through our pursuits. One can never know fully or fully yet, except through the Divine Yogmaya’s own grace. Every pore of our existence is part of this cosmos and beyond, including the science, including the human soul within the Goddess Brahmaandodari in whose womb lies the
cosmos—the same cosmos that scientists are trying to figure out! Without science, human beings are lost, and without faith, they are further totally lost.

One of the growing concerns today is the increasing amount of space junk we are leaving in space in the pursuit of managing governance of countries’ security, power, and economy through use of satellites. There are such images present in the website that show the number of growing satellites hovering over the earth; if we have dirtied our space to the point of self-endangerment, we need to know how to clean it up and very soon. If we have emptied our natural resources and disturbed our economy, then we must ensure if we are looking to generate wealth through things like space mining, we are not disturbing the resources of the cosmos. The cosmos is part of an even greater ecosystem we do not know about. We need to find means of understanding space. Perhaps, we need to make inner progression to know about ourselves, then perhaps we would not repeat mistakes in the outer space.

Then perhaps, we can imagine a safe journey into the cosmos through our actual efforts. Now, what is ‘safety’ of the human soul in the ‘journey’ experienced by the human soul could be a new matter to think about, don’t you think Thoughtskeeper?