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Understand the Indrajaal of ‘Mlechchha’

Let me first remind you of the prophecy-come-true of Bhagwan Shri Krishna about the nature of the present Yuga (age) you are living in. You are living in the dark age of Kaliyuga. It takes some time (thousands of years I mean) for any particular Yuga to show its full effects on the people of that Yuga.

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 11/02/2022 |

Let me first remind you of the prophecy-come-true of Bhagwan Shri Krishna about the nature of the present Yuga (age) you are living in. You are living in the dark age of Kaliyuga. It takes some time (thousands of years I mean) for any particular Yuga to show its full effects on the people of that Yuga.

Read through the signs that Bhagwan Shri Krishna told about (He told back in Dwapara Yuga) when the Kaliyuga will be at its heights and cross-check with your experiences of the times you are living in right now.

When the people will be clueless about the ultimate truth and the path to it, when people would not recognise the Dharm (truth) and would feel cut-off from the need of Dharm, when people would not care about their duty towards living a responsible life, when people would live life smeared in ‘Paap’ (sins) in thoughts and actions, when the ‘asatya’ (lie) will dominate every tongue, when deceit and conspiring is the way of life, when most people are full of bad intentions and live life full of vices, the Kaliyuga is at its youth.

While the signs of the peak of dark age involves the cow slaughter throughout the world, insulting and murdering the Sadhus, Sages, men of truth, insulting and killing the poor and the helpless. The most twisted sign is when the people laugh at the Satvikta (the truthful and simple hearted people), sneer at the Sanskaras and make jokes on the people who are chaste, when people stop feeling the necessity of their cultural traditions and look down upon their religion based on Dharm, the darkness of Kaliyuga is rampant.

‘Mlechchha’ Rule in Dark Age

‘Mlechchha’ is the Sanskrit word, amalgamation of two words: ‘Mala’ and ‘Iccha’, which means the person with the mal-intentions. ‘Mala’ means dirty. In the holy scriptures of Santana Dharm, in the Hindu religion, it is a well-established fact that even if the shadow of a ‘Mlechchha’ fell upon the true Hindu (the one who is truly walking the path of Dharm), the life of that person walking the path of truth, can be destroyed. Such is the darkness of the people with bad intentions. You are aware about how a person with evil intentions has the capacity to pull anyone down, who try to bring her/him up. There is a huge difference between people who are de-tracked, in the lag of proper guidance in their lives, and the one who is evil by his/her very nature.

Focus and pay attention to how the ‘malechchta’ (mal-intentions) is at its peak in the present times. In the earlier times, even till 60 years back, ‘pavitrata’, ‘Satitva’, i.e. one’s chastity was most important for women and men, but now chastity is deliberately abandoned in the name of sexual freedom. Girls and boys gravitate towards competing in unchaste behaviour than in virtues. In fact, most of you are clueless about the Sanskars and virtues needed to walk the path of ultimate truth.

Let me elaborate further by the example of the fake ‘virginity kit’ that one can buy on the most common online shopping portal that you use. It is a method organised for the ladies to conspire with Kaliyuga and deceive the person they plan to spend their lives with. Although marriage hardly holds any meaning to it in today’s world where physical and emotional purity is meant to be strangulated to death at a tender age. Still I will go into the details of the purpose of the fake virginity kit. It is a method by which a girl hopes to deceive the man she is planning to marry about her chastity. She would be faking the very first promise (when it is the age where if one tells the truth about not being virgin is digestible to many and the confession of such intimate truth is even respected) that she would surrender her physical self completely only to the man she is about to marry. In simpler words, the man in whose ears and in whose inbox you keep singing and sending the sweet confessions of love on the drop of any bird-dropping, you would be deceiving him about the most significant aspect of your relationship as the husband and wife with the hope that he would love you the most for ever and ever. You expect him to love you for who you are (a hopeless, reckless deceiver) and vice versa. I am not leaving the men behind with hardly any manliness left in them, no Sankara to look-up to as the husbands, fathers and responsible sons with the great ancestors of the Rishis, Siddhas and the Yogis. Most men today lag the gravity of how life and the wife must be taken care of. This is the nature of humans in Kaliyuga.

So you are smeared with the ‘Paap’, the sins and the lies. Still, you expect the other to be most loyal to even your mood swings, this is Kaliyuga. This is the hallmark of Kaliyugi humans.

Wearing clothes that are designed to attract attention of opposite sex in the unwanted ways is the urgent need only to regret later and yet continue to do so after regretting, is the loop most women are trapped in. Wearing Bikini is the sign of fearlessness, sign of the boldness and pride of her beauty and sensuality. While the women who want to cover themselves up decently (not abnormally) for the need of keeping the beauty and chastity of being the woman, or the girl who want to keep her chastity intact is looked upon by all others. It is like when one is surrounded by the zombies, one can’t hope for the zombies to respect you for being normal. Their great desire is to bite you and make you like them. When in reality the woman who tries to keep her chastity intact should be most respected, today such a lady is looked down upon with shocking glares. This is Kaliyuga.

The ‘Ghoonghat Pratha’ (tradition of Hindu women covering their face gracefully in front of the elders) is looked down upon by most men and women today, with the popular national leaders (mostly who were educated in western culture) shunned the ‘Ghoonghat’. On the other hand, today a major fight is going on, with the media worldwide, supporting women of Islam shouting ‘allah-hoo-akbar’ to let them wear the black hijab and come to school and colleges looking like flood of walking tents. The media worldwide is supporting them saying that it is their ‘CHOICE’. So with graceful colourful ‘Ghoonghat’ (part of the dress material called Saree) it is being backwards, uneducated, and with the ominous looking Burqa and hijab, under which, one doesn’t know who and what all dangerous weapons are often camouflaged, is their religious choice! Where is this selectivity coming from of these people supporting hijab? Someone is planning this. Going to a mosque is prohibited for women for their own reasons, but going to Sabarimala temple where mostly the Brahmacharis live, MUST BE the forceful rights that the Hindu women should have and for whom the women of other Abrahamic religions fought. Are you, the reader, understanding or even thinking why do they all have problems with the traditions and Sanskaras well elaborated in the Hindu Scriptures, the Shastra, the Manu Smriti and the Sanatana Dharm overall? There is a reason why it is known as ‘Sanatana’ (meaning eternal) and ‘Dharm’ meaning truth. There is a reason that such importance is given to women in Sanatana Dharm. Because women are the basis for the progress or demise of any particular race. The next generation is mostly dependent on the Sanskar of its women and mothers.

I personally say that whether a bikini or jeans, the ‘Ghoonghat’ or the Burqa is not the choice or the right. It is just the myth that wearing a bikini or jeans or any other dress is part of women’s rights. Dress is not about religion either. Clothes are not about the choices or the rights or the religion of a woman but the need and the ‘Saundarya’ of the one (whether a man or the woman) who wears it. The need can vary.

Signs of a ‘Mlechchha’

One can easily make out a ‘mlechchha’. A ‘Mlechchha’ is always about ‘me’. He or she or they never think about the greater good. They only say ‘मैं और मेरा’, that is ‘me and mine’. Like Hindu Dharm say ‘Vasudeva Kutumbhakam’, that is the whole world is like one family. And Bhagwan Shri Krishna said, ‘यो मां पश्यति सर्वत्र सर्वं च मयि पश्यति।’ – which means one can see the God in everything and everyone.

While there is the messenger of God of the ‘mlechchhas’ who says, ‘There is no other messenger of God but me. There is no other God except my God.’ Their so-called God says, ‘There is only one religion and none other. There is only one holy book and there is nothing else that is holy in the world.’ Therefore they burnt the Hindu scriptures, they destroyed the temples and the universities, they still break and insult the idols of our Devi and Devatas. Not just the Hindu scriptures and temples in India, they even burnt thousands of books (and enjoyed the hot water bath out of that fire) found in the library of Alexandria on the command of the Khalifa (reference: Chronicum Syriacum by Bar Hebraeus).

This is the hallmark of the ‘mlechchhas’. To speak the lies, to tell the wrong narrative to the people, and their very intentions are evil. Why only ‘mlechchha’? Because we want everyone to progress and flourish in their own unique ways. Diversity should be respected. But these ‘mlechchha’ want only their religion, they want only their ways to prevail in the whole world. It is like either they should be there, or everyone else in the world should be doomed, killed. It is about only the one who follows their ways, their culture, their religion, their God, their dress code should live. This is whom we call the ‘mlechchha’, the people with ‘mal-intention’. Remember, once the seed of the ‘mlechchha’ is sown anywhere, then it spreads and it spreads fast especially in the time of Kaliyuga. You can look at the ‘mlechchha’, they want their own laws everywhere they go in the world, they want only their dress code, no matter which part of the world they go to, they want their food culture to dominate over the others. No matter how abnormal, ill-fitting, ugly-looking, devoid of any sense of need and beauty, they want their dress-code to be accepted even in the schools and colleges. Everyone should listen to only what is written in their book and so they also want their dress-code as their fundamental rights.

Shri Krishna said, ‘Yuddham Dehi!’

Remember, it is resorting to such ways of torturing us, resorting to such fierce attacks and fights, and threatening us since centuries, that they have established themselves. They tore apart our land Bharat into Bangladesh, Pakistan and now are trying to destroy the peace within the country also. Your biggest weakness is your cowardice and weak heartedness. You have such fear of these ‘mlechchha’ in your heart that you are ‘Ka-Purush’, ‘Napunsak’. Just like the walking dead. Despite knowing ‘Satyameva Jayate’, that the truth always wins, you must fight for the truth, the Dharm. You must stand for your Dharm. Bhagwan Shri Krishna Himself took Avatar on this planet and said to Shri Arjuna, ‘O Arjuna! Stand up and fight! Do your karma because doing your Karma is your right.’

And today all of you have abandoned your own karma. You are ready to accept whatever these ‘mlechchhas’ demand from you and our nation Bharat. Your Government, your administration, the entire system is gone to such low levels that every one of them writes, ‘Satyameva Jayate’ but no-one stands for Satya, for truth.

Another example is the ‘Arakshan’ policy in India. Reservations for a particular community. ‘Arakshan’ was brought to empower the downtrodden upto the level at a particular time when it was needed. But it seems like this reservation policy will be followed till eternity in India. When will we get over with the needless ‘Arakshan’? Do you think the people and the communities who are getting the benefits of ‘Arakshan’ will ever say no to it themselves? They will only say no to it when the other communities are on the verge of extinction, or when they are so weak that they have no other choice but to fold their hands and hold the feet of the ones getting ‘Arakshan’ benefits.

And then the people still say that the truth, the justice, the Dharm still prevails in this world. I don’t agree. I hardly see anything of truth, of justice, of Dharm going on in the Samsar. Be it the matter of clothes, or the food, or the Government, or the temples, or the tax, or the opportunity to earn a truthful living here in this world, especially the ones who are true Hindus, who walk the path of Dharm, for them , living normal life has become so difficult that Hindus are not just being bullied in their own country, but are being bullied internationally. Why? Because the Christians have many countries for them, the musalmans have many countries for them, but Hindus do not have even one single country for them. Where will the Hindus go? Whose help will the Hindus ask for? Who is left for the Hindus?

And Bhagwan Shri Kalki have already arrived and He is watching. But I wonder what Bhagwan Shri Kalki would do in such a scenario? Think about it. Everyone has nuclear weapons with them. One decision of Bhagwan Shri Kalki can prove heavy on humanity. Because these ‘mlechchhas’ also have the nuclear bombs with them. And Shri Kalki came not to kill but to save His people. His people are the Sadhus and the human being who stand for the Dharm and justice.

In the situation when His people will not listen to Him, when they are full of fear in their hearts, when they are the cowards, when they don’t have the courage to stand up to support their Ishwar, and to stand along with their much awaited Avatar, what will be the consequences?

The chaste women who understood the debt of ‘Matritva’ (motherhood), carried bright Tejaswi souls in their wombs. They gave good Sanskaras to their children, and nurtured and gifted the entire human race with virtuous kids; the mothers who were respected so much so that all the ‘Shaktipeeth’ are in the name of ‘Mother Goddess’, the ten Mahavidyas are in the name of Mother Goddess, every third festival, ‘Vrat’ and ‘tithi’ is in the name of one of the Mother Goddesses. In the cosmos, the energy that is greater than the ‘Trideva’, is of the Mother Goddess, the Universe is run by the Bhagwati Yogamaya. It is sad that the girls and women of the same country Bharat have given up on their pride. Where we had the most courageous women in the past, what has happened to the women of the same country today?

Time to Face the Parents

The straight answer is the 100% fault is of the parents who did not give their daughters the Sanskars. These parents keep their children away from the Dharm, they don’t let their children go to the Gurus, to the spiritual leaders. They say that the Babas are all rapists. And let me tell you, if you go deeper in the matters, this is the false narrative created by the ‘mlechchhas’. Do the men of other religions, the Christian, muslim men, and others are not raping the women in the world? Or the common man from any religion, who is not the Baba and is not spiritual, are they not raping the women? Tell me the statistics. Tell me what is the percentage of the Babas who are raping the women against the men who are not Babas and are raping the girls and the women! Get the statistics and look at it. You will understand that the percentage of the Babas who raped is not even 1% against the others. While the number of common men walking on the streets with their dignity intact, are so high that you would be shocked. I am not saying that no Baba committed rape. Being a woman, I know there are a number of pseudo-spiritual Babas out there, who are frauds. But I say that at this point of time don’t be blind to the truth!

It is time to hold your parents by their necks, and ask them why didn’t they tell us the truth? Why didn’t they teach us about our Dharm, about our scriptures and the Sanskaras as told in our scriptures of Sanatana Dharm. We would have decided after knowing all of that what we want to do. But why did the parents deliberately push us for modern education? They did not teach us our own Dharm. They kept us far from the Sadhu, the saints, the true Yogi and the Guru. They tried to fill our hearts with hatred and fear for our own religion. The parents instigated the kids against the country, against our own culture, against our civilisation. We were told to study in the western education system and go to foreign countries abandoning our culture and country. Why shouldn’t we be at the service of our land?

‘Mlechchhas’ are not just the ones roaming outside your house. It pains me to say this but the ‘mlechchhas’ are all the parents also who have kept you in a cage created by the malechcha system. They kept you in a place where you are far from your Dharm and Sanskriti. Mlechchhas are your relatives, your kins, your friends, your colleagues, everyone at the workplace who instigated you against the Samskaras and who built that culture which supports ‘mlechchhas’ and forced you to follow it.

Either we have to pray to Bhagwan Shri Kalki that He must destroy everyone and that we must restart everything from zero or there is still some time left. I am sure that Bhagwan Shri Kalki is watching. You and me together should start a revolution and to feel the pride of being the true Hindu. Because the Hindus never desired or never took oaths to destroy the world. We always stood for and pledged to save the world, to maintain the world in the best way, and to take the world along the path of great progress both- materially and spiritually. And we will always walk the path of material and spiritual progress.

That is why everyone should come together and be alert against the propaganda of the ‘mlechchha’ culture, the ‘mlechchha ideology and their widespread media. You must research and understand about the malechcha further. Tell about their evil intentions to everyone around you and the upcoming generation. You must raise your voice against the ‘mlechchhas’ because always remember that ‘Satyameva Jayate’.

You should know that they have built their ecosystem around the world. Financial ecosystem. Fashion ecosystem. Media ecosystem. Educational ecosystem. Medical ecosystem. Space-technology ecosystem. Political ecosystem. Judicial ecosystem. Cinema and OTT ecosystem. That is why it is very tricky to recognise them and to see through their trap. Because you are living in their system and you yourself are infected by these parasites. In reality, you need help to be free from this illness called ‘malechcha Vritti’. And Dharma is the only way to recognise their trap and be free