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Blessings: The Force Behind Miracles

If it was only the prowess of the intellect, the extraordinary brain that the humans possess and the possibility to use it to any extents considering its limitless capacity; if it was only the will to work towards your goal, will to be diligent and to answer the opportunities that are the sole factors that leads to material and spiritual success, you are mistaken. There are many who work day and night, but not all live a fulfilled life. 

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath | 24/11/2021 |

If it was only the prowess of the intellect, the extraordinary brain that the humans possess and the possibility to use it to any extents considering its limitless capacity; if it was only the will to work towards your goal, will to be diligent and to answer the opportunities that are the sole factors that leads to material and spiritual success, you are mistaken. There are many who work day and night, but not all live a fulfilled life. 

The Himalayan Siddhas say that it is the birthright of every ‘chetana’ (soul) who is on earth and has the gift of the physical body, to live a fulfilled life, in the physical world and in the world of what many of you know as the matters of ‘Metaphysics’. 

A successful and fulfilled life is also not the endless list of things that you ask in your prayers that will work. Because Prayer only reaches to the One you call God, only when done in the right manner. 

The secret lies in the power of Blessings. Blessing is the force in nature that is the work of miracle always at play  in the cosmos. It is known to humans from all cultures, tribes and religions throughout the planet that one must never miss out on the chance to perform a good deed. In fact, a human being need not remember that one has to perform good deeds, if you have a heart that is fearless. A braveheart has lots to give and nothing to lose. This ancient wisdom is about realising the truth about the energy of blessings and using this mystical, unseen positive force to boost your life. 

What is it about the Real Sadhus, Sages and Wise Men in India?

In the eastern culture, along with many other cultures worldwide, the blessings of the ancestors and the parents always held an important place to do anything important in life. People go to pilgrimage and places of spiritual importance. Some do it to discover themselves, many do it to soak in the spiritual energy and rejuvenate one’s soul, while most go to ask for their wishes to be fulfilled. What kind of energy is at work in the places of spiritual significance? If you have faith that something higher than yourself is at work there. 

In the land of Bharatvarsh, people from ancient times have given the highest place to the blessings of Gurujana (The Guru), different Devi-Devatas, Yogis, Sages, Sadhus, Sanyasis, one’s ancestors and the elders. In Siddhadharm, everything happens through the blessings of the Gurus, the Himalayan Siddhas, thousands of Devi-Devatas and many other energy forms that exist in the cosmos. 

You will find that the power of ‘blessings’ were one of the the sources that served as lifeblood of their culture and their very lives at the individual level. 

There are true stories about the miraculous power of blessings of a spiritually advanced ‘Chetana’.  One such account is of the man who suffered from grave illness, a fatal cancer. He  went to a Sadhu who was popular but was hard to find. Finally when the man found the Sadhu, he tells the Sadhu that he is in the grip of cancer in its advanced stage wherein the medical science surrendered, the Ayurvedacharyas gave up, the alternative medicines and ways of healing failed. All the doctors and the healers told him that he had only a few months to live. Upon hearing this, the Sadhu gave such expressions as if the man was delirious. The Sadhu simply said to this man that, ‘Don’t bother what they said to you. I am saying nothing will happen to you. You will live.’ 

This man was about to die. He tried everything. He had the strong will to live but he was tired. He was seeking hope. He had no other choice. But he had faith. He believed deeply in the blessings of the Sadhus and of his own ancestors. This man who was in his early thirties lived out his entire lifeline of 75 years of age.

Most of you know of such miracles if you have known the deep roots of the land (‘Bhumi’) of Bharat. This ‘Bhumi’ is nurtured by the ‘Tapa’ Shakti (the intense spiritual power), the wisdom and blessings of wise men, of Sadhus, of the saffron clad Sanyasis and of the Himalayan Siddhas. 

Your Essence is Shrouded in Darkness of Tamas

Kaliyuga is the dark age of tamas. The effects of Tamas are in everything; in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the thoughts we think. Kaliyuga has shrouded our true essence, the light, with the darkness of tamas. It stops you from seeing reality. Your mind is as sharp as it was, it is becoming sharper. Logic is developing. Science and technology is advancing. Yet more and more feel the need to go back to their roots because they feel they are losing connection with themselves, they are becoming more alienated as the world claims to become more and more connected, more people feel directionless and sadness crawls in the skin. Taking pills, that is running on chemicals, is the norm today. The control of Kaliyuga over the simulation we live in (which most call is as the Samsar, the Maya), is so strong that true faith in the creator of the entire Cosmos is the luxury of the special one, the Neos, in this matrix which is now run by Kaliyuga in this Yuga.

This is the reason that the Sadhus, the Sanyasis or anyone who is known to be somehow working towards spreading some kind of knowledge about Dharm, are the top targets. In the country, where the Sadhus and the saffron cladded men and women, the Sadhaks held the highest place in society, are now being brutally murdered, beaten to death. And it doesn’t hurt the people enough to raise their voice against them. Kaliyuga made all the arrangements to defame and to kill the Sadhus and spiritual beings. 

If the people give the reason that all the Babas and Sadhus are men and women who sin, who commit rape, and who earn in the name of God, then it is simply a blatant lie. It is the age of Tamas. Yes one needs to be alert of the frauds, but there are some, who truly have dedicated their every breath to establish Dharm, and bring the light of truth and higher knowledge. It is you who have to learn the factors, the parameters to check whether someone is true or otherwise. 

When the world has come to harbor doubts on every Sadhu and the Siddha, when the world has come to hate the presence of the elders in their lives so that they freely exercise the life full of dark deeds, the sins in the name of freewill and the urgent needs for instant self-gratification, there is little chance that you know the miracle that blessings are in the human life. 

Blessings are Energy of Words and Intentions

The Kings and the aristocrats in the ancient times all around the world, placed highest importance to the blessings of the Pujaris, the Kula Purohit, the Guru, the priests, the oracles and the shamans. They were not stupid or barbarians. These very people established the greatest architectures in temples, in palaces etcetera. The arts flourished in their age. 

While in the present age, one hardly sees the masterpieces in making. There is a lot of garbage coming up in the name of modern art. But no one will ever remember this. People still study and live on the norms set by our ancestors. 

There is a reason for this. Their ego did not take over their faith and sense to respect the elders and the enlightened beings. They knew the secret factors to live a more fulfilled, happier life. And one of the factors is the positive force of blessings in their lives. Blessings of their elders, of the people of experience, of the spiritual souls, of the enlightened beings. I suggest you try to find the reality from your perspective and see if the experience and perspective of the Himalayan Siddhas have any truth in it for you. 

The soul that is controlled by the ‘ahankar’ by ‘ego’ is devoid of light of blessings. It is incapable to know that light and higher power. One has to have the inherent sense to bow down to knowledge, to life’s deep experience to be able to know the miracles of higher powers. 

Another truth is that a truly tired mind and heart can know the power of faith and that is why they also experience the miracles of blessings. Because it is easier for a tired mind and heart (the one who has understood that their logic is nothing, that the endless desires will not fetch everything that one’s heart desires) to surrender. They surrender to the greater will. They surrender to existence. The faith in the ways of existence blooms. The Lotus of the Anahata (the heart) blooms, and you start bowing down to everything that there is. You feel grateful for everything that there is. Without knowing, you start collecting the energy of blessings in your account of Karmas. 

And suddenly each day of life becomes an assortment of miracles. You surrender, you are blessed, you bloom. You have a direction in life. Despite all the uncertainties, there is certainty of you being taken care of by the Universe. Suddenly, despite all the darkness around you, you are illuminated from within. Only if you have the will to know the power of blessings.