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Hijab: Terrorism in Black Disguise

Our country Bharat has been the ‘Swatantra Bhumi’, the free land of the Sadhus, the Sages, the Yogis, the Siddhas, the enlightened beings, with the Kings like the King Yudhishtira of the great Pandavas, the Narasingha Deva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, the King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire and the […]

Raghav Gupta | 09/02/2022 |

Our country Bharat has been the ‘Swatantra Bhumi’, the free land of the Sadhus, the Sages, the Yogis, the Siddhas, the enlightened beings, with the Kings like the King Yudhishtira of the great Pandavas, the Narasingha Deva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty, Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, the King Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Empire and the list is long. The native Emperors and Kings of our land took care of the Dharm, of the Sadhus, the Yogis, built huge temples to further the study and research of the students, took great care of the people and most importantly built great architecture which the foreigners destroyed and continue to do so.

The golden land of Bharat has been unfortunate because the foreign looters kept invading our country from time to time and imposed their barbarian culture, their food which they enriched after coming to India and then called it their own, the foreign costumes and dress styles, and their language on the most refined, the most exquisite original culture of the ancient Bharat. They kept imposing their barbaric, tamasic ways on the most peaceful, accepting, with exquisite culture and enlightened beings walking in every nook and corner of the country (country means its people) that this planet has ever witnessed.

But I say that it is the cowardice and weak heartedness of the Hindus who acted as if they are afraid and they would be ready to talk of false peace, ready to become slaves of any foreign looters. The Hindus have for long deliberately tried to ignore the elephant in the room. This is the reason that today the progeny, the line of true Hindus is now the endangered race on this planet. Please be very clear that true Hindu is the one who walks the path of Dharm (the truth), whose greatest priority is to safeguard Dharm. It is the duties of the human being as told in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the scriptures, the Manu Smriti and do everything in their might to keep up the Sanatana Dharm. ‘Sanatana’ means eternal. I also challenge the reader of this post to research as far as possible for you, but you will fail to find the age of Sanatana Dharm, what people of world popularly know as the Hindu Dharm. Sanatana Dharm is too old even for your historians to correctly know its age.

The glowing side of Bharat, the side of its face that the world recognises as the spiritual Guru of this planet, is in danger yet again. The dark flood of the ‘Black burkha’, of the hijab, is now terrorising our country. Do not mistake this dark flood as simple as it looks. They are testing the waters for a new attack. They are now being called the Lionesses when these same jackals are pelted with stones and disrespected ruthlessly in their own homes. They are the willing weapons, brain-washed to spread terrorism (would you know who will enter your schools and colleges under camouflage of the dark veils?) and force the barbarian culture yet again under the name of ‘Secularism’ and ‘Fundamental Rights’. I am going to lay the brazen truth and only truth to the reader in this blog. I am not going to play the subtle game of words here. It is time for you to know the truth as it is. And it can be difficult for you to digest it as expected. You can chose to accept it at least now, or ignore it as the problem of the Government like you always do. Read on.

In Karnataka, India, the girls are demanding to wear hijab in schools and colleges. They are calling it as their fundamental rights. Because their religion ask them to wear hijab and they want to wear their religion everywhere; even while studying, talking to their class-mates, interacting with friends, not to mention, going to washrooms also, they feel the need to cry-out their religious rigidness. And barbarism and a well-planned preparation for them to carry weapons in the educational premises, to make way for their men to carry out love-jihad destroying the chastity of our girls, smuggle-in suicide bombers and most importantly their urgent need to make their mark as the dominating barbaric religion, that knows only to destroy and burn even the older version of Quran, their holy book.

Literary Vacuum

These girls are demanding the religious rights to wear their religious dress in the same schools and colleges where it is denied to teach anyone about the Hindu religious text in the country of Hindus (sorry it WAS the country of followers of Sanatana Dharm). As a matter of fact (based on research), they are the women of the same religion which has a huge literary vacuum, is founded by few intolerant, uneducated (in spiritual sense) men, who burnt the libraries and every other Abrahamic religious texts, destroyed the literary tablets except their religious book, which in itself is half-baked thoughts and words. The basis of this fact is the books and manuscripts kept in the Library of Alexandria destroyed on the command of the Khalifa (reference: Chronicum Syriacum by Bar Hebraeus).

On the other hand, if you really hear the true Hindu and the educated one, who understand the wisdom of the Hindus, you will instantly know that the Sanatana Dharma termed them as the ‘Mlechchha’. It is the Sanskrit word, amalgamation of two words: ‘Mala’ and ‘Iccha’ means the person with the mal-intentions. ‘Mala’ means dirty. It is a well-established fact that even if the shadow of a ‘Mlechchha’ fell upon the true Hindu, the life of that person walking the path of truth, can be destroyed. Such is the darkness of the people with bad intentions. You well know how a person with evil intentions has the capacity to pull anyone down, who try to bring her/him up. There is a huge difference between people who are de-tracked, in the lag of proper guidance in their lives, and the one who is evil by his/her very nature.

Beware of the ‘Mlechchha’

Beware! In the case when these women are demanding to follow their religious duties rigidly, by wearing hijab, then the Hindu boys and girls, the Hindu men and women alike (including the teachers) can demand their own religious rights as mentioned in the Vedas, the Hindu sacred scriptures, the Manu Smriti, to not let these and every other ‘mlechchha’ to cross their path in the same schools and colleges. The Hindu girls and boys have the full rights to demand and insult any ‘mlechchha’ even if their shadow falls on the true Hindu. We will not tolerate anything touched by these ‘mlechchha’ (where some of them spit at everything they serve, even at the hair of their clientele in salons). We will ask them not to sit at our levels because they are the low, mean and have all the vices of the ‘mlechchha’ as described in our scriptures.

Blind Judges, Leaders and Ignorant People

Tell me what will happen in this country if the Hindus strictly start demanding their religious rights? But the Supreme Court with its judges, the judiciary system, the police with its law and order, the entire system of our country along with the political leaders (the Hindu political leaders also) are the conceited beings who lick the feet of the ‘Malechchas’ today. They now take one-sided decision, always. Everyone can see it. But they don’t care to speak up. They will do as they will in making one-sided decisions.

The Hindus should not harbour any kind of expectations from just anyone, even their political leaders. Hindus should stop expecting that anyone would raise their voice against the injustice done to us. Yes, the Hindus have their God, Bhagwan Shri Kalki, Who is alive and watching this all. But even our Shri Kalki wants that the Hindus should now learn to fight for themselves. Because how many times will He take Avatara in human form? How many times should He wake your souls? No matter how many times He comes, wakes you up, tell you about the Dharm, set example to destroy people with mal-intentions, you again become careless, forget it all and expect that again the Ishwar will come to save you. This is idiocy at its heights!

That is why when the Hindu says ‘Jai Shri Ram’ the barbarians literally shouts out, blares out ‘Allah Hoo Akbar’ in every way they can. Because these barbarians want only hijab and allah-hoo-akbar. To achieve their blind religious goals they are now using every force, every resource they have. They take their children and women also as the medium to impose their religion in our country Bharat. Their women come on roads for the street demonstrations. Sometimes in the case of ‘Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)’ , sometimes they even force themselves inside the ‘Kisan Andolan’, the Indian farmers’ protest, while sometimes they even pull-off the drama to save the Hindu temples.

Secularism at Cost of Extinction?

But remember, they are those Hyenas who are dangerous for us. What pains me is that the Hindu girls, women, boys and men are far behind in this case. When the Hindu girls are unaware of their own existence, I say that the Hindu parents are 100% responsible for this ignorance of their children about the importance and richness of Sanatana Dharma and the Hindu culture. Today the condition of our country is due to the Hindu parents who teach their kids to fall behind, not to fight and turn a blind eye to the issues that really matter in their own existence, in our own country Bharat. That is why you will not find Hindus fighting anywhere. Because the parents have taught the lesson of being the coward in the name of peace.

Yes, you are thinking correct. I am clearly hinting to give secularism its due respect, but not at the cost of your own extinction!

Who is hiding behind this black hijab, who knows? Countries like France told the truth many times, that hijab is the medium these people use to spread terrorism. Hijab is the boon for the terrorists. And now the same is happening in our country India. The Government is going to play deaf and blind to all that is happening in Karnataka right now. And look at who all are supporting the hijab movement. The entire lobby of the left (Leftists) is supporting the hijab movement. They are the same leftists for whom religion is the opium for the masses. But the same left never considered Islam as the religious opium! The truth is that these leftists force their heads down into their back-holes.

Look at the conceited channels like BBC, the ‘for-sale’ media like ‘The Wire’, and many other left media that operates from India like NDTV, ‘Newslaundary’ and so on who come immediately with their news anchors, writers and their entire eco-system to write always in favour of these ‘malechchas’ and they always write against the ‘Bhagwa’, the ‘Saffron’ (the Hindus).

Think about it. Observe it. Who is speaking up for the ‘Bhagwa’, for the Hindus? In our country Bharat, where there should have been the ocean of ‘Bhagwa’ colour, these dark demons are preparing to colour our country black with their hijabs. But no one is concerned. You are not concerned. These dark demons are the same people who demanded and snatched out different nations out of Bharat. They are the same people who demanded and formed Bangladesh and Pakistan from our land. These same people now want to spread their filth in the name of their religion, in the name of ‘shariat’, in the name of their Prophet, in the name of their ‘Allah’.

In such a situation, if we Hindus do not unite and come together, then this is the last warning for you all. These ‘malechchas’ have such strong guts now that now they come inside the schools and colleges and are threatening us! They are giving threats to us in the name of fundamental rights that too when they are so called less in numbers. If you, after clearly seeing their sharp, dracula like canines coming out, do not understand this, if the Hindus now do not understand that they are being attacked in their own country, then we are standing at the edge of Suicide!

Every parent who is a Hindu must ask, and scold their kids if necessary, if you have any self-respect left in you. If you think even for a moment about the upcoming generation of your kids, of the upcoming civilisation that is in making with your children, then you must keep everything else aside and speak up against this, speak up against the law that support such filth to spread in schools and colleges, speak up against the Government and the system if needed. Do everything that is needed. Take action. Write about it. Speak about it. Arrange demonstrations in your areas against this. The media take notice and it becomes news.

The Government must change their ways, the entire skeleton, that is our Constitution that allows everything in support of ‘malechchas’ have to be changed. If you do not speak up together like when you go and vote for your local leaders, demand for the change of laws in support of Hindus in your areas, the consequences are dire for your family.

If you don’t do this, the Hindus will be extinct like the Dinosaurs and the future will only see the skeletons and know that the Hindu race once existed.

Now is the time to speak up. DO NOT stay quiet on this matter. The matter of this black terrorism spreading in our schools, colleges and our lives in the name of hijab. Raise your voice to stop it. Write, speak-up, discuss with everyone in your home and in your relatives, make them aware, debate over this in schools and your institutes. In one line, do everything possible to live and to exist with pride in your own country Bharat. This is about your life, your existence, your identity, your community, your Dharma on this planet.