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Darkness of the mind

In a person’s reactionary mind, there are many such events, which constantly influence him and cause him to act irrationally and feel and think which are not really his own feelings and thoughts

Sunil Yadav | 17/07/2021 |

In psychology, the human mind is seen in different parts. Conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is that level of the mind which, being in an active state, performs any work through thought, reasoning. When we learn anything new then the conscious mind is working there. At this time, whatever we feel, we are seeing, all are doing in a state of conscious mind. That is, whatever we are doing for the first time, there the conscious mind remains active. In this, our entire attention is focused on that new task, new event. For example, if we are learning to ride a motorcycle, then our entire focus is on the handle, race, clutch, gear, brake, road.

The subconscious mind is that state of mind where we are not active even when we are active. Here comes all the work which we have done earlier and our mind has become used to it. Like if we have learned motor cycle then we are doing all the work automatically without paying attention. We are riding a motorcycle and talking to someone. This state is the state of the subconscious mind.

At the same time, some people believe that the mind is a system of communication and control between the organism and its environment. Here the mind operates on two levels – the analytical level and the reactionary level. In this, the reactionary mind has a great influence on one’s life. In this way the mind creates rituals within itself and on the basis of that the analytical mind continues to take decisions.

In a person’s reactionary mind, there are many such events, which constantly influence him and cause him to act irrationally and feel and think which are not really his own feelings and thoughts. So here the reactionary mind becomes the main source of irrational fears, emotions and behavior.

Some interesting facts about mind

  1. The mind in which the joy starts coming, the mind does not allow itself to wander anywhere.
  2. In which the mind does not enjoy, it escapes from there.
  3. It remains outside the control of ordinary human beings but gives the illusion to every human that his mind is under his control.
  4. When the immature mind is removed from a pleasurable state, this mind becomes irritable.
  5. The mind is a perfect servant while it is a dangerous king.
  6. An immature mind gets triggered very easily. For example, if you give some delicious dessert to someone in a bowl and suddenly you say hey! This is the same bowl in which my dog ​​eats, which has got worms nowadays, so after hearing this, what fantasies must have started in the mind of the person But then suddenly you say that no, it is not that bowl, then you can understand what must be going on in that person’s mind. So this mind can be triggered even without any fact.
  7. The mind starts doing what we keep thinking. For example, if we think that we are sick, then our mind will make us sick.
  8. Feeling good or feeling bad depends on our mind.

Memories and our mind

The mind operates on the basis of past memories. If the mind is capable, then whatever happens in the present, it relates to the events of the past. This mind reacts on the basis of past memories and motivates them to make decisions. Today every person wants that his memory should be such that he remembers what he sees, what he reads, what he hears. Think, if a person remembers all the things, incidents etc. of his past, then what harm can the mind do. Will the mind not be in a load every moment? I think this mind can make that person’s life hell. For example, if you know how to read a language and if something wrong is written on the wall, then your mind can trigger you by reading it even if you do not want to. Similarly, if all your past memories are awakened and you are not a perfect person, then this mind will continue to trigger you every moment.

Powers of mind

The mind has immense possibilities, the mind also has immense capabilities. But what we try to achieve by considering the capabilities of the mind, will they be as we want? So keep in mind that if the mind is not controlled then the same abilities turn into distortions. The same abilities
will be positive for some and negative for others. It all depends on how much that person has controlled the mind. Control here does not mean that the mind should be restrained as common people understand. Control here means you can control the mind whenever you want.

There were many people who worked on the mind without fully understanding the mind and in the end their condition was pathetic because of the capabilities of this mind. Like Sigmund Freud, Ron Hubbard, Edgar Casey etc. Therefore, an effort must be made to know the mind, but with the right procedures.